BIKINI KILL 'Bikini Kill' EP Cover
BIKINI KILL 'Bikini Kill' 12" EP Pink vinyl
Bikini Kill Records

BIKINI KILL 'Bikini Kill'

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The vinyl reissue includes a new fanzine in the form of a 34" x 21" poster featuring interviews with Ian Mackaye (Minor Threat, Fugazi, The Evens) and Molly Neuman (Bratmobile), liner notes by Layla Gibbon (Skinned Teen, Mrr), excerpts from the band's zines (Bikini Kill 1 and 2, Figsaw 4), and photos from band members' personal archives. The self-titled EP, originally released in the fall of 1992, comprises four songs recorded by Ian Mackaye at inner ear studios; one song from the band's 1991 demo cassette, record by Pat Maley (Yo-Yo Studios); and one song recorded during Bikini Kill's live performance April 4th, 1992, at Washington, D.C.'s Sanctuary Theater. This release has two of their most famous songs, "Suck My Left One" (a deeply disturbing incest fantasy in which Kathleen Hanna keeps shifting viewpoints so quickly, from rage to horror to a kind of mocking, in-your-face titillation, that the listener is left vertiginous by the end) and "Thurston Hearts The Who" (a sort of American post-punk version of the Gang of Four's Anthrax). Originally released in 1991 but still as essential and important as the day it was released.