BAD BREEDING 'Exiled' LP Cover
BAD BREEDING 'Exiled' 12" LP Black vinyl
One Little Indian


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Blistering fires of feral tumbling thundering hardcore with words fired like bullets from the quickfire maelstrom of sound. This is the third album from Stevenage anarcho-punks BAD BREEDING and is 12 songs across 33 minutes inspired by the current joyous state of UK politics (amongst other things) - that probably gives you a clue as to how this is going to sound - previous releases have been self-issued and on legendary punk label La Vida Es Un Mus. Blazing flocks of guitars hurtle into the frenzied sound attack. Drums on the two (too impatient to wait for the four) attack / push the ammo into the chamber and help hurtle it forwards. Chundering pounding bass and screaming guitars give you a breath of fresh air that leaves you breathless. 12 incendiary tracks. Sometimes when you try and hold people down they fester, boil and bubble over in a bigger explosion than ever.