AURA NOIR 'The Merciless' LP Cover
AURA NOIR 'The Merciless' 12" LP Black vinyl

AURA NOIR 'The Merciless'

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AURA NOIR, the first label released on Tyrant Syndicate records, owned by Darkthrone's Nocturno Culto and Fenriz. In the right purpose just to spew out old-school black metal/thrash this album is a gem. Those Norwegians play the raw style of thrash, the 80's-based. With a fuck your god-attitude this album makes me think back to several old acts like Celtic Frost, Kreator and Possessed. Now to the album: Incredible good and memorable riffs and lyrics, blasphemous atmosphere, a fuzzy bass, neck-snapping solos, a blackened headbanging-fest! If you're into the early thrash school you better lay your hands on 'The Merciless'. Clocking in at 27 minutes, shorter than Slayer's 'Reign In Blood' it's way to short. That's why it doesn't get a full score. But on the other side, you can just press play again and headbang yourself back to the '80s.