ATENTADO ‎'Antagonist' LP Cover
ATENTADO ‎'Antagonist' 12" LP Black vinyl
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ATENTADO ‎'Antagonist'

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ATENTADO started in the end of 1991 in the suburbs of Lisbon as the follow-up of Grind/Crust pioneers Atrofiados. But it was a short lived experience and the band ended, without even playing any live shows, the day they were entering the studio to record for a split LP with Finish friends Selfish, this ended up beeing the Doom/Selfish Split LP. Twenty years after, bass player Pedro do Vale "Pitchi" resurrected the band and 'Paradox' was released in 2011. Some lineup changes, right after the release of the debut album, put the band in a short hiatus to return stronger than ever for some great live shows and the recording of their second album 'Antagonist'.