AMENRA 'De Doorn' LP Cover
AMENRA 'De Doorn' 2x12" LP Gold vinyl
Relapse Records

Amenra 'De Doorn'

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Amenra’s first release for Relapse Records is at once a departure and a momentous act of deliverance. Stepping outside the run of albums titled 'Mass I-VI', 'De Doorn' casts a 21-year journey from the heart of Belgium’s crusading hardcore scene to world-renowned, spiritually guided innovators in an enthralling new light.

The first Amenra album to be sung entirely in Flemish, 'De Doorn' imparts a universal power by digging deep into local customs. Not just allowing for a greater range of expression through the intimacy, allowances and layers of meaning granted by your native tongue, it takes inspiration from Flemish forms such as Kleinkunst, a folk-based musical wave driven by storytelling, and the passing of wisdom through generations.

Yet as with every Amenra release, 'De Doorn' is an act of observance that recognises the path travelled by fully experiencing the moment, as a rite of consummation, reckoning and deliverance. That state of transition is exemplified in the closing "Vor Immer", a hushed, plaintively wracked coda that bursts into newborn, world-in-your eyes transfiguration where sheer, sense flooding experience becomes a blazing threshold where rupture and rapture become one.