9T Antiope 'Horror Vacui' LP Cover
9T Antiope 'Horror Vacui' 12" LP Black vinyl
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9T Antiope 'Horror Vacui'

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In 'Horror Vacui', Paris-based, Iran-born 9T Antiope use a sparse palette of octave mandolin, violin and octave violin, synthesizer and vocals, to build a dynamic world that seems to exist outside of the bounds of time and place.

Cinematic, spare, heavy, gossamer, and informed by the band's work as sound designers and composers for theatre, film and performance art, 'Horror Vacui' is a concept album that explores what sounds have been, what they'll become, and the nature of memory, dementia and decay. As 9T Antiope attempt to reconcile different worlds, they create the sound of arriving in a new world all your own.