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TIMBER TIMBRE 'Timber Timbre' 12" LP Black vinyl
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TIMBER TIMBRE 'Timber Timbre'

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Singer-songwriter Taylor Kirk, known professionally as TIMBER TIMBRE, garnered attention is his native Canada by delivering a dark, mysterious combination of folk, blues, and indie rock that was often both contemporary and ancient-sounding. His self-titled album opens with the unadorned guitar-and-vocal "Demon Host", but adds increasingly more complex, yet still spare, production elements as the record progresses. "Until the Night" features a tinkling autoharp, garage rock organ, and a languid oriental melody, while "Trouble Comes Knocking" is driven by sleazy strip-club saxophone and a throbbing bass drum beat. Throughout, 'Timber Timbre' sounds like the soundtrack to some great lost '60s b-movie, at once colorfully original and creepily unsettling.