SHE PAST AWAY 'Narin Yalnızlık' LP Cover
SHE PAST AWAY 'Narin Yalnızlık' 12" LP Black vinyl
Fabrika Records

SHE PAST AWAY 'Narin Yalnızlık'

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'Narin Yalnızlık' is the second full-length album of SHE PAST AWAY, whose debut album 'Belirdi Gece' is one of Fabrika’s most cherished releases and a dark wave classic. 'Belirdi Gece' sold out almost immediately, they were praised in numerous reviews, filled clubs across the world, and have gained legendary status in the contemporary darkwave, gothic and post-punk scene. Volkan is a uniquely gifted musician and Doruk a charismatic producer. Together they captured a feeling of delicate loneliness, they brought back the raw scent of the 80s and created this breathtaking, magnetic album. A dark jewel of 11 timeless tracks, where the strange accidents of fate find through these songs their way to our hearts and to the dance floor. All tracks are composed and performed by Volkan, except the cover of “Gerçekten Özleyince” originally created by the epic Turkish band Kesmeşeker and the adaptation of a Tobias Bernstrup composition “Uçtu Belirsizliğe”. The cover is a work of art, a painting of the artist Barış Malkoç.