QUARTET OF WOAH!, THE 'The Quartet Of Woah!' LP Cover
QUARTET OF WOAH!, THE 'The Quartet Of Woah!' 2x12" LP Black vinyl
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QUARTET OF WOAH!, THE 'The Quartet Of Woah!'

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THE QUARTET OF WOAH! was formed in 2010, at the wish of Gonçalo Kotowicz and Rui Guerra. Miguel Costa was the choice they had long taken in their heads for drummer; several bass players who didn't click passed through the band, as well as a second guitarist. They got to be a quintet and the initial idea didn't come close, not even remotely, to the sound that TQW make nowadays. Several attempts later, André Gonçalves appeared and magic was done. From that time they would be called THE QUARTET OF WOAH!, and would abandon the songs made to date (except "Ultrabomb", which was the first song composed by the collective and remained unchanged). The name came from the huge desire of the quartet to amaze whoever listens to it. On 'The Quartet Of Woah!' the sound weight is a clear difference from their first full-length 'Ultrabomb'. The band subjected their amplification to a diet of steroids. However, between the first and this second album, despite the greater maturity that the musicians show in both, there is also the feeling that the band is still discovering the full potential of their sound. Fortunately, there are already two excellent albums to wait for this completion.