MARK LANEGAN 'Whiskey For The Holy Ghost' LP Cover
MARK LANEGAN 'Whiskey For The Holy Ghost' 2x12" LP Black vinyl
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MARK LANEGAN 'Whiskey For The Holy Ghost'

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For his second solo album, 'Whiskey For The Holy Ghost', MARK LANEGAN decided to go wider and deeper. The arrangements are mostly acoustic and electric guitars, bass and drums, but the subtle addition of violin and saxophone on select cuts makes for greater variance and gives the album a rich, epic scope. As always, LANEGAN sees the glass as neither half-empty or half-full, just dirty. "Borracho" reaches a cathartic wall of shrieking feedback, but mostly LANEGAN tunes down for the ambulatory emissions and Seattle blues of "Shooting Gallery", "Judas Touch" and "Kingdoms of Rain".