MARISSA NADLER 'Little Hells' LP Cover
MARISSA NADLER 'Little Hells' 12" LP Black vinyl
Mexican Summer


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2009’s 'Little Hells' is the fourth album by art-folk singer and songwriter MARISSA NADLER. NADLER’s take on American folksong has always been more than a little goth-influenced, boasting claustrophobic production values and a mile-thick wall of reverb on her ethereal vocals. These new songs open up the air a bit to let some light into the private space from were NADLER seems to project her art. Most of these songs are skeletal, showcasing the songwriter’s deft skills and that haunting voice. When NADLER does employ a full band the results are breathtaking, boasting excellent arrangements for pedal steel and demented organ. 'Little Hells' is by far NADLER’s best work to date, merging the wistful and spectral with the dirty, earthen and melancholy for some truly memorable music.