EAGLE TWIN 'The Thundering Heard' LP Cover
EAGLE TWIN 'The Thundering Heard' 12" LP Black vinyl
Southern Lord

EAGLE TWIN 'The Thundering Heard'

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EAGLE TWIN’s commanding sound delivers like a tectonic force, where doom and blues collide. Gentry Densley’s dominating low-end vocal tone is like an instrument in itself, rumbling alongside towering riffs, and Tyler Smith’s powerful rhythmic propulsion. It is a compelling combination, particularly when you add melodious bluesy romp to the equation. Equally prevailing are the stories that shape EAGLE TWIN’s musical output, drawing upon folklore, and also strongly informed by recent happenings in the world. Observing our relationship to nature, and the band’s own surroundings in the dead salt seas of Utah are themes that feature frequently across their musical canon. 'The Thundering Heard' continues where the previous album, 'The Feather Tipped The Serpent’s Scale' ended.