CRYSTAL FAIRY 'Crystal Fairy' LP Cover
CRYSTAL FAIRY 'Crystal Fairy' 12" LP Lavender vinyl
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CRYSTAL FAIRY 'Crystal Fairy'

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It might seem like an unlikely musical match-up until you hear the primal pounding energy that’s psychedelic, psychotic, off-kilter, unsafe and uncommon. Look out Mary Poppins, here comes Puff the Magic Dragon! The whole idea for CRYSTAL FAIRY began when The Melvins and Le Butcherettes toured together and The Melvins started doing the song "Rebel Girl" with Teri at the end of their set. Teri sings, plays guitar and keyboards, Omar plays bass, Buzzo plays guitar and Dale on drums. It’s simple, sturdy and perfect. Between the four members, they have like 150 years of musical experience and something like 40,000 records. A shit load. And yet, CRYSTAL FAIRY is different, special and brings a new dimension to what these four players do… a stunning combination of punk, metal, psycho rock, blood rock and rabid rhythmic excitement.