GNAW THEIR TONGUES 'Genocidal Majesty' LP Cover
GNAW THEIR TONGUES 'Genocidal Majesty' 12" LP Black vinyl
Consouling Sounds

GNAW THEIR TONGUES 'Genocidal Majesty'

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Consouling is very honored to welcome GNAW THEIR TONGUES back for the follow-up of 2016’s ‘Hymns For The Broken, Swollen and Silent’. The new album, ‘Genocidal Majesty’, delivers exactly what the title promise: it’s epically brutal, filthy, and oppressive, but with such an over-arching grandeur, you cannot but feel compelled to descend together with GNAW THEIR TONGUES into sheer madness. This is an album that grabs your attention by force, and will not let you go. Another tour the force of this remarkable conjurer of darkness.