SAVANT 'Artificial Dance' LP Cover
SAVANT 'Artificial Dance' 2x12" LP Black vinyl
RVNG Intl.

SAVANT 'Artificial Dance'

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Compiling the standalone album, 1983’s 0The Neo Realist (At Risk)', with SAVANT’s debut 12″ and a grip of compilation and unreleased tracks, 'Artificial Dance' documents Leimer’s complete collaborative venture into the unpredictable realities of music, exploring the gulf between what is expected by its creators and what is eventually – and eternally – committed to tape. SAVANT was designed by Leimer to tap into entropic truths, asserting an uncaged counterpart to the loop-based minimalism he produced in isolation (recently surveyed on RVNG Intl.’s 'A Period of Review (1975-1983)'). Aligning himself with the Cage-ean principles of chance operations and musical contingency, SAVANT was a band sans jam. Allegorically, a blindfolded collaboration whose happenstance source music Leimer would sample, loop and sculpt at will. Far from a provisional stab at avant-garde sensibilities, SAVANT represents Leimer’s repudiation of ambient music’s passive side. 'Artificial Dance' embodies a perfectionist’s family portrait of outré musicians conforming to Leimer’s nonconformist musical ethos. Fitting for its name, Leimer created conditions for asocial brilliance with SAVANT, materializing an outward offering from an inward studio and a collaboration of audacious invention.