SCÚRU FITCHÁDU 'Un Kuza Runhu' LP Cover
SCÚRU FITCHÁDU 'Un Kuza Runhu' 12" LP Red vinyl
Garagem Records


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SCÚRU FITCHÁDU is a punk aesthetic solo project from Portuguese artist Sette Sujidade. 'Un Kuza Runhu', Cape Verdean creole for "A Bad Thing" is the first full-length album by SCÚRU FITCHÁDU. This work has been built since 2018, between the lines of a considerable schedule of national and international shows. It is a conceptual album of urban expression and experience with a strong afro-futuristic atmosphere, paying direct homage to the author's Cape Verdean roots with denser electronics layers, heavy basslines, and fast bpms. The entire production of 'Un Kuza Runhu' is from SCÚRU FITCHÁDU, it was mixed and mastered at Recordie studio and released by Garagem Records. This vinyl edition of 'Un Kuza Runhu', also contains 2 new songs not included in the previous digital version of the album.