PRIVATE WORLD 'Aleph' 12" LP Clear Purple vinyl
Dais Records


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'Aleph' is often defined as the “oneness of God”, and Cardiff, UK indie pop outfit PRIVATE WORLD thematically embrace the sentiment on their debut album for Dais while eschewing pop conventions, simultaneously navigating and subverting its context. Rather than individual tracks that inform a greater narrative, 'Aleph' finds members Harry Jowett and Tom Sanders weaving in and out of a space they call the “pop psyche,” where songs become scenes in a collective exploration of sentimentality and melody. In a sense, the songs that comprise 'Aleph' are soothing vehicles that dart about pop history, stopping at touch points throughout the ‘80s to borrow from jazz-tinged synth, ambient music, and even cinéma vérité. The plot twist is while weaving this tapestry, they omit the familiarity of chorus-driven song, allowing space and mood to build melancholy transitions that feel whole and floaty. As much as their single “On the Run,” released with Dais in 2019, touched on this hushed world of memory, 'Aleph' retains PRIVATE WORLD’s DNA but tames the dynamics of pop with Eno-esque intention. 'Aleph' is an album you can pick up at any entry point and loop into its conscious nostalgia. Rather than singular statements, each song on the album nods to Roxy Music, Peter Gabriel, Talk Talk, Spandau Ballet in tandem. In a sense, it’s a rolling piece that spans ten movements, each informing a sphere of culture. Though it’s not forward-facing lyrically, 'Aleph' is a culture-driven work, as the duo offers it as an equalizer that transcends social boundaries or divisions—united passages meant to be heard and immersed by all.