KARIN PARK 'Apocalypse Pop' LP Cover
KARIN PARK 'Apocalypse Pop' 12" LP Black vinyl

KARIN PARK 'Apocalypse Pop'

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Since her last studio album 'Highwire Poetry' in 2012, KARIN has expanded her raw talents even further from her original electro-pop-princess persona down into darker territories. New album 'Apocalypse Pop' delivers just that; gloriously catchy rock-pop-synth tracks laced with deep personal lyrics. KARIN seems to tell a story from start to finish. Every track feels like a statement and she cleverly accompanies them with a magical combination of sultry beats, buoyant drums, delicate piano, and dabbles with a touch of electronica. With titles such as "Life is Just a Dream", "Shake With The Devil", "Opium", and "Look What You've Done", the 'apocalypse' narrative is present throughout. Each track boasts solo personality going from strength to strength with every listen, teamed together they create a melodically brilliant collaboration of KARIN's effortless vocals and talent. Continuing to create songs that can be released aside of an album, KARIN flitters between genres throughout 'Apocalypse Pop'. We see a variation of different themes, from dance-synth-vibes on "Whipped Cream", to seductive, basey-rock on "Life Is Just A Dream" and progressive, animalistic, bangra influences on "Hard Liquor Man". On "Let My Love Shine", it's KARIN's vocals and lyrical partnership that endeavor to carry the difference in tone from each track. Playfully experimenting with steel drums it leaves you relaxed at the end of an exclusive journey through KARIN PARK's mind.