GØGGS 'Pre Strike Sweep' LP Cover
GØGGS 'Pre Strike Sweep' 12" LP Black vinyl
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GØGGS 'Pre Strike Sweep'

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With their second album 'Pre Strike Sweep', GØGGS add a new level of primordial anxiety to their already catastrophic symphony. Recorded and mixed in 2017 by GØGGS guitarist and co-founder Ty Segall, the album explores the damaging affects of modern life before blowing them up one by one. Singer Chris Shaw uses terms like “space rinse” and “roadside surgery” to inform the listener that this is a strange and different trip, far and away from the “Glendale Junkyard” he romanticized in 2016 on their self-titled album. In fact, all expectations brought on by that acclaimed debut are crushed into dust, revealing a new standard by which the GØGGS march thumps.