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SUMAC 'May You Be Held' 2x12" LP Black vinyl
SUMAC 'May You Be Held' 2x12" LP Gold Metallic vinyl
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SUMAC 'May You Be Held'

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SUMAC’s work has always been about transition between different states of being. Our sense of normal, and indeed our sense of life, is now being shaken. We don’t know what is coming next. We are looking for pointers towards the future, as well as things to hold onto in the moment. This is a fundamental aspect of 'May You Be Held' larger theme.

Musically, it’s about continual unification and divergence—and is imbued with the uncertainty inherent in that cycle. In that uncertainty there is also hope, frustration, madness, and a desire for connection. All this too is part of this moment in our history—everything happening at once, the simultaneous emergence of humanity's best and worst characteristics. 

Lyrically, 'May You Be Held' follows the humanistic themes explored on 'Love in Shadow', partially informed by Turner’s navigation of fatherhood and family life. This compassionate tone stands in stark contrast to the misanthropic and death-obsessed nature of most heavy metal music, and perhaps even seems diametric to the caustic and aggravated tone of 'May You Be Held'. It may make more sense to approach the album as if it were a free jazz record or an abstract noise piece, where the emotional resonance isn’t bound up in melody as much as it is in performance.