Coffins 'Sinister Oath' LP Cover
Coffins 'Sinister Oath' 12" LP Oxblood vinyl
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Coffins 'Sinister Oath'

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Japan’s Coffins return with their crushing new full-length album, 'Sinister Oath'. Recorded ahead of the band's 25th anniversary in Tokyo, 'Sinister Oath' further cements Coffins' legacy as one of the most putrid sounding and uncompromising Old School Death Metal bands in the world.

From the chest-pounding, drudgy opening of "Spontaneous Rot" to the hammer-crushing riffage of "Things Infestation" thereafter, 'Sinister Oath' creeps and crawls through a cavernous space firmly rooted in no-frills Death Metal. The band's signature sound is forever-present: equal parts bleak, doomy, crusty, disgusting, and wholly heavy.

Featuring album art by Axel Hermann (Asphyx, Bloodbath, Demolition Hammer, Sodom, and more,) 'Sinister Oath' is Coffins at their most vile!