CHVE 'Kalvarie' EP Cover
CHVE 'Kalvarie' 12" EP Black & Bone White Galaxy Effect Merge vinyl
Relapse Records

CHVE 'Kalvarie'

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As the vocalist of Belgian post-metal collective Amenra, Colin H. van Eeckhout is known for his ability to connect with listeners, and to guide them on Amenra’s transformative path to healing. With his solo work as CHVE, he gets to tell his own story – one that aims to take the listener deep within themselves, to tap into something primal that dwells in us all. Now, CHVE makes his Relapse Records debut with his powerful solo record, 'Kalvarie' - a dark, ritualistic, and atmospheric experience.

For Colin, CHVE and 'Kalvarie' represent the opportunity for full creative freedom: to experiment with sound without any limitations, and to embrace the vulnerability that comes with creating alone. The hypnotic music of 'Kalvarie 'is almost mind-altering, as the droning repetitions of the hurdy gurdy, various percussions and effects meld with the soft otherworldliness of Colin’s voice throughout a single, 15+ minute track titled "Eternit". Though not in the metal realm, the music contains a weight and heaviness on a par with that of Amenra.