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CANDY 'It's Inside You' 12" LP Neon Yellow vinyl
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CANDY 'It's Inside You'

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CANDY return with their new album, 'It's Inside You'. A brazen take on hardcore, metal, and disparate electronics and experimental soundscapes, 'It's Inside You' sees CANDY take another step forward with a compelling, extreme, and one-of-a-kind take on the genre.

From the frenzied album opener "eXisTenZ", CANDY's intent is clear; 'It's Inside You' kicks off as violently as possible. Cited as thriving in "this jumble of gothic industrial and digitized metal" by Pitchfork, the single minute, thirty-second track twists and turns as a contorted thesis statement for what will follow. Tracks like "Dehumanize Me" continue this trend, establishing an interplay between ferocious hardcore stomps helmed by guitarist Michael Quick, with pulse-pounding, electronic rhythms set against this monstrous riffing. "Dreams Less Sweet" crashes and bashes onto the record, while vocalist Zachary Quiram mourns the modern condition: "dreams laid dead/stuck grieving/how do you fight the feeling?/are we living in a world just to die?"

Elsewhere on the record, tracks like "Love Like Snow" showcase a different side of the band. Electronic, mechanical melodies are set against desperate cries for human connection. 'It's Inside You' flexes more than just muscular Hardcore brutality. "Dancing to the Infinite Beat" and "Hypercore" also see raw emotion laid bare against frenetic, electronic punishment before crescendoing into cathartic, ear-worm choruses.

With 'It's Inside You', CANDY signals the future for what Hardcore, Metal, and Electronics can truly be.