ZEAL & ARDOR 'Devil Is Fine' LP Cover
ZEAL & ARDOR 'Devil Is Fine' 12" LP Green Transparent vinyl

ZEAL & ARDOR 'Devil Is Fine'

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The promotion and reception buzz around this album has understandably circled around the mash-up of African American work songs and gospel shouts with blasts of extreme noise: black spirituals meets black metal. This is certainly one of the interesting features of the album, but its scope reaches far beyond this odd juxtaposition. ZEAL & ARDOR's 'Devil Is Fine' is a genuinely fascinating recording, whether approached as an idiosyncratic meditation on diverse outposts of the history of popular music and its strange influences and contact points; or simply as an expertly compelling collage of intriguing sounds. Started as a sort of dare or experiment, a version of this album has actually been out already on Reflections Records, while an earlier demo with a more conventional sampling-based hip-hop sound was previously available online before disappearing, presumably at the behest of label MVKA who have signed up ZEAL & ARDOR, shuffled the track order and put out 'Devil is Fine' again in the wake of the exciting response it got first time around.