SEXTILE 'Albeit Living' LP Cover
SEXTILE 'Albeit Living' 12" LP Black vinyl

SEXTILE 'Albeit Living'

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As a stable fixture in the Los Angeles underground, SEXTILE has gained a devout following since its creation in 2015. The outfit has all the makings of a revolutionary sound — boldly throwing convention out the window to create an entirely original, genre-bending imprint that combines the raw energy of 70’s punk with the intricate and sophisticated structural elements of 80’s post-punk and synthwave. 'Albeit Living' is a ten-song LP strong statement as a follow-up to their primitive debut, and while it re-defines SEXTILE’s sound, the real impact the album has is the way it decisively breaks the rules and guidelines set out by conventional genres and strives to create something truly unique and genre-altering. The album launches abruptly, pulling you almost instantaneously into its orbit of hard-hitting up-tempo drum beats, haunting synth hooks, and enough guitar feedback to make Kevin Shields blush. Energy and passion combust as the members feed off each other to create a brand of post-punk that combines the formidable noise and feedback of Psychocandy-era Jesus & Mary Chain, the frostbitten analog synth melodies of Cabaret Voltaire, the myth of Public Image Ltd., and the dark soundscapes of bands like D.A.F. and Section 25.